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Animals are a major part of our lives, they are our family. They bring us friendship, comfort and loyalty. They make us smile and the love they give is unconditional.

When they pass, the grief can be overwhelming with so many confusing and painful feelings. The loss and emptiness is palpable and we may even feel we will never be happy again.

The final stage of grief is ‘acceptance’. You will not forget, but over time the pain will give way to beautiful memories.

At Signs4you we have designed a Pet Memorial Plaque that will enable you to cherish the memory of your beloved pet.

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Animals are a major part of our lives... They are our FAMILY

These plaques contain a space for a photo of your pet, a large epitaph area and a name and date. You can completely customize these plaques to your exact requirements.

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Pet memorial plaques | Cherish the memory of your beloved pet

The Pet Memorial Plaques can be fixed to a tree, a large piece of stone, or any other structure and placed at your pet’s burial spot or their favourite part of your garden/yard.

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Capture Precious Memories

These plaques are made of HDPE (to know more about the use of HDPE please visit About Us page) so they will look as good as new for years to come. They are weather resistant and easy to clean.

We have 6 sizes of Pet Memorial Plaque for you to choose from – each one available in 5 colors.

Once you have chosen and input your details on the plaque, send us in a precious photo of your beloved pet and we will insert in the picture area.

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Pet memorial plaques | Add a Photo

Customize Your Pet Memorial Plaque

* Do not forget to upload your Pet image once you have gone through the checkout.

Pet Memorial | Buddy | 2010 - 2022 | You blessed our lives

9'' x 12''

Pet Memorial | Will never stop loving you. My beautiful girl. | Kitty | 2000 - 2016

12'' x 18''

Pet Memorials | You are not in pain anymore darling. No need to wait. Run Free, my girl. | Beau | 2006 - 2021

18'' x 24''

Pet Memorial | Bella | 2008 - 2020 | I fall asleep with you in my heart and hope to see you in my dreams.

12'' x 9''

Pet Memorial | Lola | 2008 - 2021 | The sweetest girl. Sadly missed.

18'' x 12''

Pet Memorials | Sandy | 2008 - 2021 | My heart is empty without you. Until we are together again.

24'' x 18''


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